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Rich Fits

When riding a bike, we are often searching for something. A component, a part...maybe? But what we are searching for is something more metaphysical..."The Perfect Fit".

Sometimes, this will involve a component change or upgrade, but many times being properly fitted is easily achieved without the purchase of any additional parts. Rich Cohen is well known for his ability to fit riders. So many shops set up all their cycles exactly the same way. No two riders are alike - so their bikes shouldn't be either!

Rich takes time to watch the rider, either on the road or on an in-store trainer, and evaluate their needs. Together, they fine tune and tailor the riders position. This could entail changing parts (such as a stem), repositioning them (such as brake & shifter levers) or just simple adjustments (stem height, seat position).

There are 5 components to a "Rich Fit."

  1. Determine the riders proportions by eye! Are they long in the torso, short legged, etc.
  2. What does the riders main ride entail. Are they racing, road riding, out for speed, comfort crusing, rock hopping, or touring?
  3. How many different bikes do they ride?
  4. Determine any bothering condition before the fitting.
  5. Position the rider in the most efficient and comfortable position on the bike, offering years of pleasure in a lifestyle sport.

If you are a new rider and you are uncomfortable, you didn't purchase your bike at All Bicycles. Come see Rich and he will make your bike ride the way you expected it to. This is a lifestyle sport, and the theory of no pain, no gain does not apply. Maximum comfort can be achieved, with a simple fitting. And advanced riders recognize that their position is constantly evolving as they improve. Let Rich fine tune your position so that you get the most out of your machine. Remember, if the bike doesn't fit you didn't shop at All Bicycles. RICH FITS!!!

Repair Services

Rich Cohen and his staff are standing by to perform any repair or rebuild to keep you rolling. From minor repairs to routine maintenance to completely rebuilding your ride, All Bicycles is ready to serve you.

Relax in our in-store lounge and sip on a complimentary coffee and have a donut on Saturday's while Rich tunes up or repairs your bike. Catch up with and share tips with other riders while you wait or chat with Rich.

For those riders that find themselves on long treks off the beaten track far from bike shops (and maybe even cell phone service), or if you are just plain interested in learning how to maintain and repair your bike yourself, Rich Cohen offers private / small group maintenance and repair lessons. Please contact Rich for further information.

Customizing Services

Whether it's for form or function, Rich Cohen can customize and personalize your bike to your most practical needs or wildest desires. Anything from powder coating to chroming to custom painting and detailing.

Rich Cohen and the mechanics at All Bikes can custom build a set of wheels for you or completely upgrade & modify your drivetrain or suspension to exactly match and enhance your riding experience.


All Bicycles pioneered consigment so that no one would have buyers remorse. With our unique system, the rider leaves a full deposit for the bicycle on any major credit card for a One Day test ride. The one day ride allows a rider the freedom to ride their normal ride to determine whether or not they want to make the purchase.

There is no buyers remorse,because if the bike was not the right one there is just a $25 charge + tax for the days rental (this option is in the agreement contract with the original owner).

Please contact the shop or check out our eBay Listings frequently as we are always getting fresh inventory.


All Bicycles specializes in exports. Richard Cohen, the owner of All Bicycles has a wide variey of racing bikes, hybrids, MTB's, and everything in between that can be delivered virtually anywhere within the United States or to any corner of the world. Our shipping contacts and export knowledge make this simple and easy for you.

Roadside Assistance

Hey, it just happens sometimes. You're stuck miles from home. You only had one pocket on your jersey, and all it can hold is your cell phone. Or you have a patch kit, but just wasted your last CO2 cartridge on a pinched tube. Maybe your wheel is shaped like a pretzel, and rides just as well.

If you are AAA member you can utilize AAA Roadside Assistance to rescue you. Have them bring you and your bike directly to Rich at All Bicycles for a quality repair.

If you're not a AAA member give Rich a call directly. For a $25 fee, All Bicycles will pick up riders with mechanical problems and bring them back to the shop. We will then repair your bike and get you back on the road.

Regardless of how you get there, All Bicycles will have you enjoying the ride again in no time.

Leasing Available with Acima

Nothing is cheap these days. Sometimes you just need a shiny new bike to hit the roads or trails in style and comfort. Rich and All Bicycles is happy to announce they have partnered up with Acima to help you get on your dream ride.

Talk to Rich or head over to Acima. Leasing is available for a wide price range of bicycles to fit your needs and budget.

Bike Valet

Bike Valet is designed for those cyclists who travel and want to ride a high end machine. We will find a shop in your area who can ship YOUR BIKE to our shop so that you can enjoy your cycling anywhere in the US. Fly in to your destination and pick up your bike, ready to ride or race. Please allow for shipping time. We use FedEx , and insure all shipments. Shipping & handling charges are applicable from the shops involved. Contact All Bicycles for details!!!